Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does it fit any car?

Answer: If you have an existing cup round holder in your car, this should fit. There is a knob to turn that will extend or retract supports from the base of the holder to ensure a snug fit it your holder.

Question: Will this fit in my toddler car seat cup holder?

Answer: We cannot guarantee it but it is compatible with most of all toddler car seats. It should fit fine with a smaller cup holder.

Question: What are the cutouts for in the larger rectangular tray?

Answer: We have one cutout in the tray. We designed it for travel mug holders to make it works with bigger cups. Our product can be used for road trip where customers can use it full day driving and make additional space.

Question: How easily does it spin? Does tray spin/move while driving?

Answer: The tray does rotate once you fit it into the cup holder but you have to rotate it. It’s not loose enough to spin without you initiating the movement. So, no, it does not move on its own while the vehicle is in motion. It’s sturdy and steady.

Question: Does it work in Tesla ?

Answer: Yes, it works in Tesla. The adjustable holder makes it sturdy and stable while driving. How the Tesla cup holder is positioned is the deciding factor for how well the tray with the second holder works.

Question: What part do you twist to expand the bottom to fit the car cup holder? I am having a hard time twisting the bottom.

Answer: Take out the liner (disc) that sets inside the cup part. You will find a “dial”. Place cup holder into car cup holder, then turn the dial until you get a snug fit.

Question: Is it work with Yeti 4” bottle?

Answer: Our product is perfect for Yeti big bottle! The connection to the table, you can put from the regular cup to large size bottles.

Question: Could it hold a laptop for use in the car?

Answer: Mostly not. Our rectangle version can hold 10” tablet such as IPAD but cannot stand regular size laptops bigger than 12”.

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